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Why integrate your Bank account in Enterpryze?

Find out why you should connect your Bank feed to Enterpryze using Plaid integration.


Enterpryze partners with Plaid, enabling you to connect to your Bank Institutions. In this guide we outline the value Plaid will bring you in viewing your Bank account balances and transactions from Enterpryze. We make it easy for you to now reconcile your Bank transactions from your Bank Feed with your payments from SAP Business One using Enterpryze. Find out how easily you can get setup and start using this powerful addon.

What is Plaid?

Plaid provides the technology that enables consumers to connect their payment accounts and other financial accounts to the software apps and services they choose to use. Plaid is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Services Regulations 2017 (Firm Reference Number: 804718) for the provision of payment services.

Why use Plaid for Enterpryze?

With Plaid for Enterpryze you can connect to your Bank Account to see your bank balances and view your Bank transactions in Enterpryze. You will be able to reconcile your Bank transactions to your system transactions in Enterpryze. Enterpryze has a very user-friendly interface with tiled buttons to access your Banking options. You will be able to connect to Bank institutions throughout Ireland, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

What do I get from Banking in Enterpryze?

· User friendly interface – Enterpryze is designed with the customer experience in mind, with quick access tiled menus, intuitive to make it easy to navigate and manage your Banking.

· Banking Dashboard – See your Transactions feed daily on the Dashboard. The Dashboard tile will provide you with your Bank Feed so you can see the latest transactions from your Bank Institution at a glance. From the Dashboard you can easily click on any of the transactions to reconcile them with your system account in Enterpryze.

· Bank Accounts Tile – The Accounts Tile will show you the bank accounts that you have connected to Plaid, you can also reconcile your account from here to see full list of all transactions to be reconciled. To summarise you will be able to add new accounts, Reconcile, see bank balance, Feed status, number of unreconciled transactions and more.

· Bank Reconciliation – Auto matching, switching between bank accounts, adding missing transactions payment and /or journals, auto post differences to Bank Charges, save for later, change view to see matched or unmatched transactions, simple tick box selection of transactions.

· User Authorisation - Users can be given authorisation to use the Dashboard and/or Bank Reconciliation giving you further control.

Will my data be secure?

When connecting your Bank account through Plaid it will require you to enter your Bank account credentials, same as you would do when accessing you Bank account online. Enterpryze or Plaid does not store this information, this is between you the user and your Bank institution.

How often will my bank transactions get updated into Enterpryze?

Plaid will check for transactions once every 6 hours, but may check less frequently (such as once every 24 hours) depending on factors such as the Bank institution and account type.

How can I get my bank connected?

It is very simple to get your Bank account connected through Enterpryze. Once you agree to the terms Plaid will retrieve your data in line with the FCA terms. Simply enter your Banking credentials to your Bank feed every 90 days.

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