Why add a Sales Invoice?

Understand why you need to add Sales Invoices, links provided to blog, video and relevant articles from the Help Centre.

A Sales Invoice is a legally required document. It is proof of goods/services supplied to your Customer. It will affect your accounting values for Tax, Profit & Loss and Balance sheet (Aged Debtors). This is your request for payment from your customer.

What benefits will I get from adding an Invoice:

  • Get Paid faster

  • A Sales Invoice can be added for Services or goods that you provide

  • For items sold it will decrease or increase your stock when the sale is completed

  • You can track Sales performance as the Sales invoice will tell you who sold the item

  • You can see how much it is in a different currency

  • You will be able to select different delivery addresses

  • An invoice will help you track your revenue, costs, tax liability and predict your cashflow

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