What is Purchase Automation?

Find out what Purchase Automation is all about in Enterpryze, the benefits and who it is for.


Enterpryze enables you to scan your Purchase Invoices directly into Enterpryze. Right now you are spending time manually inputting your invoices from your Suppliers into your Accounting system. This means invoices could be added in error and also you need to wait more time for the relevant approvers to confirm the invoices are ok to be added in the first place. With Enterpryze you can let us take over these time consuming tasks and thus improving efficiency, reducing human errors and costs while keeping key relationships with your Suppliers.


What is Enterpryze?

Enterpryze is Accounting and Business Management software powered by SAP Business One to help you run your business in real-time from the browser or mobile. With Enterpryze, you can connect your ERP application directly to the cloud and manage your business anywhere, anytime.


What is Purchase Automation?

It is the ability to scan a Purchase Invoice, parse it via OCR and create a resulting 'pending invoice' within Enterpryze. This is fully integrated and automatic through email.


How does Purchase Automation work in Enterpryze?

Very simply the admin user will have settings to create rules around email addresses to accept PDF’s from email. You can also save the PDF’s and manually upload to Purchasing through the new Invoice Automation button. The user can then Approve, Reject, Edit these pending Invoices. Invoices with errors will also be shown where a user can edit to correct them. Through the Edit option the user can also match the Invoices to Open Purchase orders or Deliveries to complete the Purchase cycle.

The great thing is that Enterpryze will learn from each scan with machine learning around the Items and Supplier details that you scan so it will recognise them the next time round.


What are the benefits of Purchase Automation in Enterpryze?

Time Saving: Streamlines daily tasks such as saving emails as it automates the invoices through the integration.

Improved accuracy: PDF created from Email and details read automatically into Enterpryze

• Automated Data Capture through OCR

Secure data: secure in the Cloud

Purchase approvals: Draft Invoices created so user can Approve or reject

Machine learning: to identify recurring invoices from same Suppliers and Products, gets better with each scan

Automatch related documents: match approved invoices to Open Purchase orders and Deliveries

Better Supplier relations: Speeds up the Order to Pay cycle thus maintaining key relationships with your Suppliers

• Reduced human errors


Who is it for?

It is designed for all Enterpryze users in mind from Invoice & Pay, Accounting, Inventory, ERP and Enterpryze for SAP Business One as it caters for Service and Item Invoices. So approvers still have control over the invoices that get added into the system but this is done digitally from scanning to approving it’s made simple for you.


Is it easy to setup?

Yes, it is very simple for any admin user to setup. Simply enable the feature in Module Settings, then add all relevant email addresses for the recipients of invoices in your Organisation. Now you ready to start approving your automated Purchase Invoices it couldn’t be easier!


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