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Updating your EDS

Updating your EDS: How to update your EDS to the latest version

It is important to ensure you have the latest EDS (Enterpryze Data Service) installed. New versions will include support for new features and fixes in Enterpryze.

To check if there is a new version available, go to the SAP integration page where you will see your version and if there is a new version available:

If there is a new version available, it's time to update!

Step 1: Identify your version

Firstly, check which version of the EDS you are running (9.1, 9.2, 9.3 and 32 or 64bit)

To do this, go to your list of services on the server and search for the Enterpryze data service:

Step 2: Download the latest EDS

In Enterpryze, click on the Enterpryze online button on the bottom left to get to the SAP integration tab.

In here, you can now download your new EDS matching the same version that you currently have installed

Step 3: Install the new EDS

Once it has been downloaded, be sure to show in folder and run the service as administrator.

On the first screen, before clicking next, be sure to click on browse and select your Enterpryze data service (as without doing this, will install a new service)

You will know you are updating an EDS correctly if you get this message when clicking on next- if you do not get this message, you are not updating but installing a new service, please cancel and be sure to select the correct folder.

Select yes on the above and the next, next, and install – all of the information in the EDS will stay populated, and you can then save and close.

The EDS has now been updated to the latest version- you can confirm the version is the list of services on the server.

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