UOB: How to do a Bank Reconciliation from bank feed

How to reconcile your payments in Enterpryze with your live bank feed from UOB.

From UOB Bank accounts

To reconcile your UOB Bank account using the Live feed bank data, click on Reconcile on the Bank account details.

A new window will open showing you your live bank transactions on the left and your Enterpryze transactions on the right.

At the top of the screen it will show you the Bank account number, you can choose another Bank account from the list to reconcile.

There is also an option to select what list of transactions you will see on the top right of this window. You can leave it at All transactions or just select Unmatched Transactions to start with to make your reconciliation easier to follow, this will depend on the volume of transactions you have so choose the option to suit you. You can always review the Matched transactions at any time as you proceed.

Now start the reconciliation, there are 2 options for selecting your transactions:

1. Auto Matching

When you click on this option at the top of the screen it will find amounts that match on both sides for you and automatically select them.

2. Match Selected

You can manually select the transactions to match by ticking the box beside each one on the left and right side of the screen. You can also use the Search field to enter in descriptions, references or amounts to find them for manually matching up. Then click on Match Selected to confirm they match.

If you want to see what you have matched so far simply change the list to show Matched Transactions as per below example. Then to continue matching more transactions change this back to Unreconciled Transactions or to ALL depending on the volume of transactions that you have.

The following values will change as you start selecting transactions to be reconciled, Bank Transactions and Enterpryze transactions.

The Difference amount is generated by subtracting the Bank Transactions from the Enterpryze transactions that you select for reconciling. Generally, if all transactions match this difference will be zero, where it is not Zero it may be down to a missing transaction such as Bank Charges or payment which you can add on this screen.

Select this option if you want to post your difference to the Bank charges account. The Bank charges account is defined in Settings – Finance & Banking - Payment

To add in a missing transaction into Enterpryze:

· Click on the add + button located beside the Bank Transaction on the left side of your screen and you can then choose to create a Payment or a Journal Entry.

3. Once you are happy with the matched transactions, added any missing transactions, resolved any difference you can now decide on the following:

Save for later – choosing this allows you to save the reconciliation as a draft to return to it later

Finish now – this will finalise the reconciliation and will post it for you

Cancel – this will cancel the matched transactions; you can also do this by unticking each one manually. You can match them again at another time.

What's next: Review your Bank reconciliation here

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