UOB: Banking Dashboard

This will show you an overview of your Bank accounts transactions, balances on the system and live feed and foreign exchange rates.


The Banking Dashboard gives you an overview of your daily Bank activities. Here you can see daily transaction, and have they been reconciled or not. See live Bank balance updates and your System bank GL account balance.

You will be able to add new currencies, see exchange rates from the system and live bank feed for best exchange rates for today.

Bank Transactions Feed

This displays the Live Bank feed from your linked bank gl accounts. This is updated overnight to give you a list each day and will tell you the date it was last received. It will show a row for the last transaction for each account.

It also shows you if that transaction has been reconciled or not. You can choose to Reconcile it from here where you will be taken to the reconciliation screen with this transaction selected on it. If it is already reconciled you can still drill down to see where it was reconciled on that Bank account.

There is a filter option available on this screen where you can select to see either Incoming or Outgoing Payments and for specific bank accounts.

Bank Balance

This graph shows the weekly/monthly bank balance for the chosen system bank GL account. Click the drop down to select your system GL account, this is any account ticked as a Cash Account in your Chart of accounts setup.

You can then click on the drop down to select the period that you would like to see balances for this account.

Tip: All amounts displayed are in the system currency only.

Real time Bank balance

This will show you each system Bank GL account balance and the live feed Bank Balance in the account currency. This is updated over night so will show the balance from the night before.

Foreign Exchange rates

This table will show you a list of all the currencies setup for your organisation.

The exchange rates for the system rates are those you have defined in Settings for today’s date. The Bank rate is taken from live feed showing you best rate to purchase this currency in green for today’s date.

You will also be able to add a new currency to the list which will then become available in your Settings so you can apply an exchange rate to it.

· Click here to add the new currency:

Select the Currency from the list which will apply the correct international Code and Symbol for you.

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