UOB: Bank Reconciliation introduction

This is an overview of the Bank reconciliation function for UOB bank accounts.

What is a Bank Reconciliation

A Bank reconciliation allows you to match your live bank transactions with the transactions added to Enterpryze. It will also help you identify any missing transactions such as Bank charges, Payments etc.

The Live feed from your UOB account is only a snapshot of the account from the day before, it is not your actual Bank account.

For other Bank Accounts that do not have a live Bank feed you will be able to tie in your Bank reconciliation to your last Bank statement. You will also be able to import your Bank Statement to reconcile it.

You can access the Bank reconciliation from your Dashboard or the Accounts tab, just look out for the Reconcile button against your Bank account and it will take you to the reconciliation screen for this account.

Dashboard – Bank transactions feed shows Reconcile button

Accounts tab – Reconcile button available for each Bank account

Now look at How to do a Bank Reconciliation on your live feed.

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