The Facts: Square POS integration with Enterpryze

Find out the benefits of using Square with Enterpryze!




Square accepts payments on the go, in-store and online. Square Point of Sale (POS) turns your mobile device into payments machine. Integrated with Enterpryze accounting and sales apps, gives you an instant view of your cashflow and payments.

  • Start taking payments in minutes with Square

  • Use on a mobile phone or tablet

  • Take remote credit card payments from anywhere, everywhere

  • Spend less time and money on your payments


What does it do?

As part of Omni Channel selling, Enterpryze users can setup a Square Store to sell on line.


How does it benefit you?

More selling power on line with another Channel, Items can be uploaded from Enterpryze to the Square Store. The Enterpryze Shopify Integration syncs your Square store to your business management system. This means sales transactions and inventory levels are automatically updated in Enterpryze when sales are made on your Square store.


How does it work?

It is simple to setup, Customers just need to setup their items and price lists for the shop. Items in Enterpryze can be easily uploaded to the Square store.


Check out this article on setting up and linking your Square Store to Enterpryze.