The Facts: Shopify & Omni Channel Selling with Enterpryze 🛒

Find out the facts about Omni Channel Selling in Enterpryze using Shopify. Sharon Mulligan


Enterpryze partners with Shopify, enabling you to connect your online sales seamlessly with your Accounting and Inventory Management system. In this guide we outline the value Omni Channel Selling will bring you in Enterpryze which has become an absolute survival kit for most businesses during Covid. The value is that your inventory is housed and managed in Enterpryze available for all Channel selling, such as POS (Point of Sale) in your shop, from the back of your van or from your online shop or warehouses for distribution. Find out how easily you can get setup and start using this powerful addon.

What is Enterpryze?

Enterpryze is Accounting and Business Management software powered by SAP Business One to help you run your business in real-time from the browser or mobile. With Enterpryze, you can connect your ERP application directly to the cloud and manage your business anywhere, anytime.

What is Omni Channel Selling?

Omni Channel Selling is very simply selling your products through different sales channels. It is a multichannel approach for sales that focuses on providing you with ways of getting your products or services to your customers and connecting your Sales Channels in one place. For example, if you leverage Shopify to sell your products online you get access to other popular ways of selling through Amazon, Facebook, WhatsApp collections and more. If you are a retailer with shops you will be able to link to integrated POS systems, Square POS, Shopify POS and our own Enterpryze POS. Need to sell out of your Van we have you covered for all your locations in Enterpryze. All the while your inventory management is under your control for all your channels in Enterpryze making it easier to manage stock levels in each warehouse, Store or van.

How does Enterpryze integrate with eCommerce and POS?

Very simply add your products to Enterpryze, select to upload them to Shopify and/or POS, where they will automatically appear for selling in all your Sales Channels. See how easily all your Invoices and Payments get posted into Enterpryze where you get to further analyze Cashflow and Accounting value.

What is Shopify?

An ecommerce platform that makes it easy to start selling online (and offline through their POS). You can start selling anywhere on any device it’s that easy. Your online store becomes a powerful sales engine with features proven to increase conversion and customer retention. Make it all about your brand and make it all about you!

What can you do with Shopify?

  • Build an ecommerce website

  • Take card and PayPal payments

  • Use Shopify POS for retail environment

  • Multiple Sales Channels such as:

    • Social channels: Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest

    • Messaging channels: Messenger, Shopify chat, and Apple Business Chat

    • Marketplaces: Amazon, eBay, Rakuten Ichiba, and Walmart

    • Offline: Retail locations

How easy is it to setup?

Setup is easy and really fast. You can build an ecommerce website and start selling your products within hours.

Reasons why people choose Shopify?

· No technical skill requirements

· Easy setup & easy to use

· Mobile app to manage your store

· Scaling Packages for business size

· Brings all Sales Channels together

What does Enterpryze’s Shopify Integration do?

Shopify users can sync their Shopify store transactions with their Enterpryze system. Automated stock updates in Enterpryze, when changes are made to your stock totals they are replenished on all your locations including your stores, vans, warehouses.

Why use Shopify Integration in Enterpryze?

Get a real-time view of financial performance of your Shopify store with an easy to use system.

  • Inventory tracking and management for all your locations

  • Enterpryze extends the Shopify Omni Channel Selling to van sales, distribution, other POS

  • Enterpryze does Accounting & Banking to monitor your financial health

  • Enterpryze has full Procurement process from Purchase Order to Pay

  • You can manage Expenses, CRM, Services and more

What's next: A quick guide to setup your Shopify Store and link your Shopify store to Enterpryze.

🎥 Need help with setting up your store, design and what would work best for your business, check out Shopify Learn with access to multiple training resources.

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