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Settings: Document Layouts

Define your email settings for each document type here, you can select the PDF layout for each document.

This is where you can select the PDF layout to send with each of your transactions. You can select to email automatically and attach the PDF to the email when adding a transaction. There is a setting available for each transaction type.

Click on Settings – Document Layouts

· Email Settings – this defaults to Confirm and means that when you save this document Enterpryze will ask you to confirm if you want to email it at that point. Auto means it will automatically email the document on saving it. Manual means you will have to choose to email it from the Actions button on the transaction. With all options, you will always be able to go back and email any transaction at any time using the Actions button on the transaction.

· Attach PDF – tick this option if you would like a PDF of the transaction sent with each email

· Select PDF document layout – click in here to select the default layout to use for your transaction. You can preview the layouts in the PDF Gallery webpage and decide which one best suits your organisation needs for each document type. Take a look at the article on the PDF Gallery to help you decide further.

Click on the drop box to choose the layout and then click on Select to confirm and save it.

· Predefined Document Remarks – you can enter remarks or comment that you want to appear on every transaction that you send to your Customer.

· Edit email template – if you have HTML knowledge you can define a template letter that will be emailed with your document.

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