Sales tips and actions

What you can do with your Sales documents, using the Actions menu, running reports and exporting information, setting filters.

Tips and Actions on Sales Transactions

1. Actions

Once you have added your Sales transactions you will be able to perform more Actions on each one.

Drill into any of your transactions then click on the Actions button, see below for list of options available on each transaction.

3. Lock to Customer

- This option is available on each of your transactions and allows you to lock your search to the current Customer. So, for example if you would like to go through Sales Invoices for a particular customer, tick this option and you can go forward/backwards through the invoices for that customer only.

4. Open or All

- This option allows you to see All transactions regardless of status or only transactions that are still Open.

5. Mine or All

- This option allows you to see transactions for All users or just your transaction change to Mine

6. Transactions Grid tips

- When you click on any of your transactions option it takes you to a grid where a list of those transactions is displayed. For example, click on Sales > Invoices to see the Invoices grid which contains a list of columns like the below.

- You will see that all columns have a filter option where you can set data to search on or simply click on the looking glass below the column name and enter your search data.

- There are also further options available on the Actions button below which all relate to the columns.

- There is a report available to show you all Open transactions simply click here to generate it.

Use this report to:

o identify Quotes that need to be followed up or are no longer valid.

o See list of Open Invoices awaiting Payment from your Customers

o See list of Open Credit Notes that are not linked to invoices so need to be reconciled next time to process a payment for your customer

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