Sales Invoice (Service) - step 2

This describes the steps to add a Sales Invoice for service only goods. Follow the steps to add your line details.

This is the follow on from the previous article Sales Invoice (Service) - step 1

Now click on +Add Item to add your Invoice details.

- Enter a Service name which is your description for each line.

- Enter a Price

- Select your Account code which is the Revenue GL account for this sale

- Select your Tax code

- If you need to add more lines click on Add additional item otherwise click on Ok to finish adding lines.

  • For Invoices with Service Items simply select the Service item from the dropdown list and enter your quantity.

- You can select Cost Centres to assign to each row, more details available in the Settings article.

- Click on Edit if you need to change any of the line details

- You can click on Delete to remove a line

- You can add in Remarks which will show on the end of the Invoice for the Customer to see.

- You can add in Comments which are for your own internal use, the customer will not see this on the invoice.

- You can add a Discount % to your invoice which will show the value that will be deducted from the total price.

- Just to note that tax is not shown or calculated on the invoice at this point but will show once the invoice is added.

When you are happy with all the invoice details you can now click on Save to add your document.

What's next: See what tips and actions you can perform with your Invoice

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