Sales Invoice (Service) - step 1

This describes the steps to add a Sales Invoice for service only goods. Follow the steps to add your header details.

How to Add a Sales Invoice

An Invoice is a legally required document. You can create an invoice as standalone or you can copy your Sales Quote to an Invoice to complete the sales process.

1. To create a standalone Invoice, click on Sales > Invoices > Create new Sales Invoice

- Select your Customer account, you can also add a new customer from here if it does not already exist.

- Select the Contact from your Customer for this sale.

- Select the Bill to and Ship to address, these will show the defaults that you have already defined when setting up your customer account details.

- Enter a Reference Number

- Enter a Journal Remark which will appear on your Financial Postings.

- The Sales Person defaults to the logged in user but this can be changed.

- You can select a House Bank account to link to the invoice.

- The Posting Date defaults to today’s date but can be changed.

- The Due Date is the date the Invoice will be due for Payment. This is calculated based on the Payment Terms you have linked to your Customer.

- The Document Date defaults to today’s date.

- The Currency will default to the Customer’s currency that you have already setup.

- The Currency Rate will show the rate you have defined in Settings for Banking, this can be changed.

- Send to Peppol is for Singapore localisation only, if your Organisation is registered with Peppol you can select invoices to send through Peppol, your Customer must also be setup correctly. There is a video available on our YouTube channel to take you through the setup required with details in this article.

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