Quick Guide: Adding a Customer activity

Quick Guide: Adding a Customer activity Simple steps to add your customer activity and see it in your Home Screen. Sharon Mulligan

Adding a new customer activity can be done in just a few short minutes.

Here's a quick 5 step guide on how you can set up your customer!

  1. To add a customer click on Companies on the left of your screen.

  2. Now click on the Activities tile.

  3. Click on the + New Activity to add a new customer activity.

  4. Fill in the customers details such as name, contact etc, then click into the Activity Details tab to assign the Action, priority, start/end dates and User.

  5. Click on Save.

Once your activity is added you can view it on your Home Screen under My Activities if scheduled for you, otherwise on the Calendar.

For more details on adding an activity, such as field explanations, check out this full article over in our help center!

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