Purchase Invoice (Service) Step 1

This describes the steps to add a Purchase Invoice for service only goods. Follow the steps to add your header details.

How to Add a Purchase Invoice

An Invoice is a legally required document. You can create an invoice as standalone or you can copy your Purchase Order to an Invoice to complete the purchase process.

1. To create a standalone Invoice, click on Purchasing > Invoices > Create new Purchase Invoice

- Select your Supplier account, you can also add a new customer from here if it does not already exist.

- Select the Contact from your Supplier for this purchase.

- Select the Bill to address, these will show the defaults that you have already defined when setting up your supplier account details.

- Select the Deliver to address - this is your Organisation address

- Enter a Reference Number

- Enter a Journal Remark which will appear on your Financial Postings.

- The Buyer defaults to the logged in user but this can be changed.

- The Posting Date defaults to today’s date but can be changed.

- The Due Date is the date the Invoice will be due for Payment. This is calculated based on the Payment Terms you have linked to your Supplier.

- The Document Date defaults to today’s date.

- The Currency will default to the Supplier's currency that you have already setup in Companies.

- The Currency Rate will show the rate you have defined in Settings for Banking, this can be changed.

What's next: Take a look at adding lines to your Purchase Invoice in step 2

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