Price Update App - Introduction

Find out how the Price Update Power App can be used to update your Price Lists.

What can it do?

The price importer allows you to export existing item / prices to Excel.

It will output one Excel sheet for each price list, including the item code, description, currency and price.

You can filter the items output by product group.

You can adjust the prices in the exported Excel document and re-import it to update the price lists in Enterpryze.


  • Does not support "Enterpryze for SAP Business One" organisations, users with access to SAP Business One should import prices via SAP DTW.
  • Supports up to a maximum of 30 price lists, with a maximum price list ID of 30.
  • If an organisation has more than 30 price lists warnings will be displayed and any above 30 cannot be exported or imported.
  • Does not update volume discounts, Enterpryze excel standard importer is available for these.
  • It is recommended you process in groups of 1000 items or less for best performance.


What's next:  Installation guide for Price Update