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Why you should use the PDF Gallery to communicate and showcase your company. We provide the templates for you.

One of the key features of a business software solution is the ability to communicate with customers and suppliers in a consistent, recognisable way, whilst reflecting your company’s brand image.

We have developed the Documents Gallery to help you do this.

  • We have designed and created a number of ‘master’ layouts for the typical documents sent out, such as Sales Quote, Sales Invoice and Purchase Order.

  • We have then added the choice of displaying your company logo at the left, the right or in the middle.

  • Finally, we have added variants of these masters, again, each with the logo position as a choice. For example, there is a Sales Delivery Note without prices to protect sensitive commercial information. Or a Sales Quote with a signature box to allow your customers to indicate their acceptance of the quotation.

  • Where your location requires specific layout formats to satisfy government rules, we have provided these as additional location-based layouts. For example, there is a Tax Invoice for Singapore for GST-registered companies.

  • The Documents Gallery will allow you to select by style, location and document type and see sample images of what is available.

Once you’ve chosen the layouts you want to use, you can set them as the default layouts in Settings – Document Layouts in the Enterpryze Web Application.

In addition, you can enter Pre-defined Document Remarks where applicable. These Remarks will be displayed on your chosen layout. For example, Terms and Conditions on a Purchase Order or Bank Details for Payment on a Sales Invoice.

Finally, the logo you want to use on your layouts can be uploaded via the Settings – Organisation Details in the Enterpryze Web Application.

Once these steps are complete, you can be confident that your customers and suppliers will always receive consistent communications from your organisation.

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