October Update - Automation Rising🚀

Check out this article as we showcase more solutions to simplify your Business in the latest release for Enterpryze.

Web Notifications🔔

What does it do?

Users can now be notified of any changes, new additions, approvals required to transactions in the notification centre.


How will it benefit the user?

The user will have control over the types of notifications that appear by applying the settings that they require. This ensures that they don’t miss an important change, or new document added or when a document needs approval.


How Does it work?

  • Changes to the Notifications centre include a new Settings option to enable users to select the transactions to be notified on.
  • The design of the Notifications screen is now the same as the Home screen so brings continuity to the user experience.

Check out this article for full details and access to Academy video!

Global Search🔍

What does it do?

Allows the user to enter any search details to locate transactions/information throughout the whole web application.


How will it benefit the user?

Speeds up the search for important information, reducing the number of clicks a user has to make and therefore reducing time to make important business decisions.


How does it work?

The new Search field is at the top of the screen and will enable users to search for objects such as Transactions, Companies, Users, Contacts, Items.

  1. User clicks on search icon located in the topbar

    Search icon on topbar
  2. Search icon expands
    Search icon expands and displays the latest searches, if any as well as four default parameters of search. The user can start typing at any moment, select one or more parameters being displayed to narrow the search (e.g ‘Transactions’, ‘Companies’, ‘People’, ‘Items') or select one of the previous search values.

Expanded search bar with default search look

User Starts Typing
The user will start typing and when it happens the search will display suggestions to complete the text being typed and will display search results that best match what is being typed.

What can be typed on the search field?


  • id, business partner, contact person,

Business partner

  • business partner name, code, phone email and its contacts name, email and phone


  • Description, code, batch number (if can be done)

Service Calls

  • Name, ID, contact person, technician, handle by/queue


  • Title, assigned to, company name, contact person


  • Name, contact person, sales person

Narrowing the search:

  • Object types will be available as mentioned in the section above, user can multi select among the listed objects.
  • This will minimise time spent going into modules to look for information. Therefore reducing the number of clicks a user has to perform to find transactions or details within Enterpryze.


Enterpryze Automation

Purchase Automation📄

It is the ability to scan a Purchase Invoice, parse it via OCR and create a resulting 'pending invoice' within Enterpryze. This is fully integrated and automatic through email.

Check out the Factsheet for full details and access to Academy video!

Expense Automation🧾

Simply attach a receipt as PDF when adding the Expense to the mobile App it will be scanned via OCR, it will then populate the fields on the expense screen such as Value and date.

Check out this article for full details and access to the Academy video!


Discounts for Gross price lists💰

What does it do?

  • User can apply discounts at line level on a document when Gross price lists are enabled for Customers/Suppliers.

Available in Inventory & ERP


How does it work?

Discounts can be applied on Gross price lists however the original Unit Price will remain unchanged but new price after Vat will be correct.




Volume Discounts📦

What does it do?

Allows the user to define volume discounts to their items based on different quantities that are sold. For instance, a discount could be applied to 50 to 100 qty sold, with a greater discount for 101 to 200 qty sold, and even larger discount could apply to 201 to 300 qty sold and so on.​

Based on packages of qty​
A discount can be offered for every 12 qty sold for example, with the same rate applied equally. In the previous example, if the buyer purchased 15 qty, they would pay lower rate only for 12 qty and full price for the remaining 3 qty.


How will it benefit the user?

Volume discounts allows sellers to move more stock items by selling more to bulk buyers who will benefit from a lower price. Keeps healthy competition in the market for the seller, attracting more buyers for their products.

How does it work?

  • New pane for Item Settings with a single setting for "Volume Discounts" (true/false, default false)
  • If the new setting "Volume Discounts" is enabled...

New column available on the Price Lists grid for "Volume Discount" containing an edit button, this is on the Stock Items screen in Items.
Clicking this button to launch the new Edit Volume Discounts popup window.

New popup screen appears allowing user to add and delete rows.

  • Volume Discounts option also added to the File Import


Check out this article for full details and access to the Academy video!



Items Reordering🛒

What does it do?

It will enable users to restock items in bulk through the creation of Purchase orders. Enterpryze will provide a suggested reorder qty based on the Min / Max levels, In stock qty, committed and on order qty for each item.


This is relevant to Inventory & ERP packages.


  • How will it benefit the user?

Reduce the time and steps it takes for a user to currently reorder stock items

How does it work?

First of all there is a new permission to be assigned for users in the Purchase Module to gain access to the Restock option.

User can then click into the Purchasing module, then click on Restock option where they can select required items based on a number of filters.

  • Product Group
  • Warehouse
  • Default Supplier – this will be the supplier selected for the purchase order
  • If Items are below or at Min stock levels
  • If items with qty on open SO’s or PO’s are to be included

The user will then be able to edit the reorder qty at the row level, change the default supplier, select the rows to be added to the Purchase Order.

The user can then Save for later and edit it or create the Purchase Order now.


Once the Purchase Order is created it is added to the system as approved so will not go through approvals process.

Check out this article for full details and access to the Academy video!




What does it do?

As part of Omni Channel selling, Enterpryze users can setup a Square Store to sell on line.


  • How will it benefit the user?

More selling power on line with another Channel, Items can be uploaded from Enterpryze to the Square Store. The Enterpryze Shopify Integration syncs your Square store to your business management system. This means sales transactions and inventory levels are automatically updated in Enterpryze when sales are made on your Square store.


How does it work?

It is simple to setup, Customers just need to setup their items and price lists for the shop.




Items in Enterpryze can be easily uploaded to the Square store.

Then watch as receipts are synchronised from each shop back into Enterpryze.




Budget improvements📖

What does it do? 

A user can set budget against their general ledger allowing them to assign values to each entry in the chart of accounts per month. Time periods can be defined, and budgets can be named & saved for later reference/updates. 


Which package? 

Accounting / Inventory / ERP. 


How will it benefit the user? 

Brand new feature that allows complete tracking of budgeting and targeting. New features include: 

  • Date ranges can be set up to 5 years in the future.
  • Columns can be completely collapsed/expanded for easy filtering.
  • ‘Spread evenly’ function divides a given budget between selected accounts for much faster data entry.
  • ‘Copy from previous year’ function to duplicate a previously created budget.
  • New ‘Compare’ tick box on P&L report for direct comparison of performance to budget.
  • New variance column added to the P&L which is Budget less actual.

How to use the feature. 

Enter values for G/L codes & date ranges from Accounting – Budgets and Targets


Check out this article for full details and access to the Academy video!


Free trial ending – message and steps changed

What does it do?

When free trial ends the user will now get message on login screen inviting them to subscribe and select a package to continue their journey with Enterpryze.

  • How will it benefit the user?

The user can self help in keeping their business moving with Enterpryze and do not have to wait or contact an Account Manager.

How does it work?

The below screen will appear when they try to login after the free trial ends. They simply click on ‘Select Package’ and will be taken to the subscriptions screen to complete their order and pay.

  • Before improvement this is what user would see:

  • Now user will get this message and can continue using Enterpryze.