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Notification Centre

Stay notified of any changes or additions to documents in Enterpryze!


What does it do?

Users can now be notified of any changes, new additions, approvals required to transactions in the notification centre.  


How will it benefit the user?

The user will have control over the types of notifications that appear by applying the settings that you require. This ensures that you don’t miss an important change, or new document added for you by another user or when a document needs approval.


How Does it work?

Simply access the Notification Center at the top of your screen.

  • Changes to the Notifications centre include a new Settings option to enable users to select the transactions to be notified on.
  • It is simple to manage with a settings option to allow you to select the transactions to see
  • For example ‘All New Orders’ is all orders for all users, ‘My New Orders’ are simply orders added for you
  • In the Follow option you can see the transactions you have selected to be notified of any changes
  • From the Notifications you can easily click on any transaction to see the details
  • For example if a Purchase Order has been Approved or a New transaction has been added for you.
  • You can easily manage your notifications by clicking on the X to remove or there is an option to Clear All

The design of the Notifications screen is now the same as the Home screen so brings continuity to the user experience.

Watch it here and see how easy it is to stay on top of your notifications!