Price Update - User Guide📖

Follow these steps to extract your price lists to excel, change them and then reupload to Enterpryze.



The following steps need to be followed to successfully update your price list prices.

1.  Use the Export Tab to download the stock items 

2.  Amend the Spreadsheet for each price list

3.  Use the Import Tab to import the price changes.

1. Export Tab (selected on the left of screen)

  • Select an item group to export, or All.
  • Press the “Download Prices” button
  • The application will download the relevant items / prices from Enterpryze and display them on screen.
  • Press the “Export” button to save the details to Excel.
  • Select where you want to save the Excel file.


2. Pricing Spreadsheet Contents

The Excel file will have one sheet per price list (maximum 30).

The price list name will consist of Price List ID followed by the Price List Name with a single space between them.

You can edit the contents of the spreadsheet rows for any prices you wish to alter.

You can remove the sheets for any price lists you do not wish to update.

You can remove the lines for any items you do not wish to update.

Do not edit the column headings.

Currency codes must exist as valid currency codes in Enterpryze.

Prices must be saved as numbers (do not save formula in the Price column)

Tip: You use formula in Excel to update the prices by using a temporary column to perform the calculation, then “Copy / Paste As Value” from the temporary column into the relevant target Price column. Be sure to remove the temporary column containing the formula before saving.


3. Import Tab (selected on the left of screen)

The Import tab can be used to update prices in Enterpryze based on amendments made to an exported pricing spreadsheet.

Ensure the rules listed for updating the pricing spreadsheet have been adhered to.

  • Use the “Select File” button and choose the amended Excel document.
  • The items/prices contained in the file will be displayed on screen for review
  • Tick the items you want to import, or use the select all checkbox at the top of the grid
  • Press the “Import” button to load these to Enterpryze
  • Each line will be updated on screen to show progress as they load
  • Any errors will be visible with a message on the grid

Note: Importing can take a considerable length of time.