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The MTD Vat Extract Power App

The MTD Vat Extract Power App provides the user the ability to extract the Enterpryze Sales & Purchase Vat transactions to load into the Hartigan MTD Pro software for submission to HMRC. This is simple consolidation of all your Tax details in 1 easy step, making it easier for you to report and make Tax Returns to HMRC.


How does the App work with Enterpryze?

  • The App can be run at any time
  • Offers a date selection and choice of extracting data from any company the user has access to.
  • The resulting spreadsheet will contain one worksheet for each selected company
  • Aligned with format required for Hartigan MTD Pro


Is it easy to install?

Installation is simple with placing the App anywhere on your local PC/desktop to run it from there.


The Benefits

  • Consolidate all Company tax details to Hartigan MTD and submit to HRMC
  • Save time exporting single Tax reports for each Company
  • Simple User Interface
  • Easy to install


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