Make Tax Digital


What Account and Password should I use?

You should use your normal Enterpryze login credentials, the same ones you use for logging into Enterpryze Web application.


Does the App support multiple companies?

If your account has access to multiple companies, you can switch to any of these in the Settings screen.


When should I run this?

You should run this program when an HMRC VAT return is due, after ensuring all of your relevant transactions for the period are recorded in Enterpryze.


What should I do if I see “Please update settings. VAT Code xx must be mapped to a transaction code”?

Press the settings button and locate the VAT code mentioned in the message. You must select a valid mapping to a Hartigan Transaction code for this VAT code.


Can I generate a previous extract again?

The program does not restrict what date ranges you use it for. You should however only load files into Hartigan MTD Pro for the date ranges requested by HMRC.


How do I load the files into Hartigan MTD Pro?

Please consult the Hartigan MTD Pro documentation for any questions relating to that software.