Module Settings: Stock Item Groups

How to add Item Groups and assign GL accounts to the group.

Item Groups

An item group is your way of grouping similar items together. For example if your business buys and sells different types of items you can group them together. You can then assign GL accounts to each Item group which will be used when posting the relevant journal entries for each document that contains items from the item group.

  • To add a new Item Group click on Settings > Module Settings > Item groups and click on the pink plus sign.

  • Add in a Name for your group and click on Save.

Now assign GL accounts to each of your Item Groups

The GL accounts will form part of each journal posted that contains a stock item.

The table below explains what is posted to each account type and in what document you should expect to see it in the associated journal entry.

  • Click on + Item Group accounts

  • In the dropdown select the Item Group you just created

  • Now assign the relevant GL accounts for each Account Type

  • Once complete click on Save

What's next: Now add your stock Items

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