Module Settings: Sales and CRM setup

Select the required options to enable features in the Enterpryze Mobile Apps. Auto create Customer Code can be enabled here also.

The Sales tab shows you the Default Currency for your Sales Transactions.

Default price list for estimation and additional price-lists for estimation will need to be selected for the use of the sales features in the Enterpryze mobile apps.

These price lists will display when offline in the app for a price estimation.

Other setup features include:

  • Hide inactive opportunity stage- where a stage has been set as inactive in SAP, you can set to hide these in Enterpryze

  • Enable gross profit calculation

  • Autocreate customer code.

When ‘Auto-create Customer code’ is selected, the system will automatically generate a code for you each time you add a new Customer. It will take the first 3 letters of the company name and will add ‘001’ to the end and so on. If left unticked you can enter in the code manually when adding your new Customers.

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