Module Settings: How to setup Expense Items

See how easy it is to setup your Expense items which will be needed by the user to select when adding a Receipt or Mileage.

Expense Items

The Expense items are required when adding a Receipt or Mileage showing you exactly what the user has requested payment for. For example, Mileage, Parking, Hotels, Flights etc.

  1. Click on Settings > Module Setting, click on Mileage rate for organisation and scroll down to Expense Items

  2. Now click the plus sign to add your Expense items

Type – select Expense or Mileage

Description – enter a description

Vat Code – select the Vat code that applies to this expense

Exempt Vat – if this item is Exempt from Vat select the correct vat exempt code

GL Code – select the expense GL code for this item

Withholding Tax – in some localisations the Expense item may be applicable to

Withholding tax

• Click on Save for each row.

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