Module Settings: Enterpryze Expenses setup

What is Expenses used for, how to set it up with Mileage rates for your organisation and employees. Ability to use Engine Capacity steps.

What are Expenses?

Enterpryze Expenses captures receipt and mileage information and provides the user with key information on the status of their expenses. Expenses can be added through the mobile app or via the browser.

Overview of the Expense process – a user records their expenses, the expenses then get approved by the approver, this then creates a draft Purchase Invoice for approving and Payment at a later stage.

You will be able to define:

· Mileage rates for your Organisation

· Engine Capacity Steps

· Expense Users

· Expense Items

If you need more help there are information buttons throughout each screen which will give you further explanations of each function and field.

· Indicate if expense amounts include taxes, and select your distance unit (kilometers or miles).

· Drill down to add and edit your users and your expense items, to enter in your mileage rate and to record your engine capacity details.

Mileage Rates

This is where you set the mileage rates for your organisation.

Tip: If the Mileage rates are dependent on Engine Capacities please setup the Engine Capacity steps first and then define the mileage rates.

· Click on Edit to amend the mileage rates

· Click on the plus sign to add the first row.

· Threshold – this is the mileage amount limit you want to set for each Mileage rate that you have for your organisation. For example, the first Threshold from 0 to 5000 (miles/km) and the rate is 0.65, second Threshold from 5001 (miles/km) onwards the rate is 0.51.

· Mileage Rate – this will be the rate per Mile or KM that will be used in the calculation

· You will need to Save each row that you add and then click Save on that screen to keep all changes.

Note: If Mileage rates are to be based on Engine Capacities this screen will change to show the Engine Capacity steps you added in the next section.

Engine Capacity Steps

You can define Engine capacity steps to be used in the calculation of mileage. In some localisations this is required functionality however it is available for everyone.

You are basically defining a range of car engine sizes in this table. This is then used in your Mileage rate table above to determine what rates will get paid out to your employees depending on the car engine sizes.

TIP: If you use Engine Capacity steps you will also have to set the Car Engine size against each Expense user to ensure that their mileage is calculated correctly.

· Click on the plus sign to add a row

· The From/To box is for the Engine size ranges, the first row will always be from zero, as you add a row the next From value will automatically add 1 from the previous row and so on. Leaving the TO amount blank sets the limit for that row if it was your final row. For example if you enter the first row as 0 to 1400, the next row will start with 1401.

· Click on Save for each row

Once all Mileage rates and Engine Capacities are added you will need to Click on the overall SAVE option below Mileage rates on this screen.

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