Module Settings: Banking Exchange Rates

Setup your exchange rates for each currency you use, you can do this for each day or set it for the month to save you time.

You can set your system exchange rates here for all your foreign currencies. You can do this daily or select a period to set your rates. When viewing your bank balance, you will see it in both system rate and real time bank rate.

When adding a payment for foreign exchange Customer/Supplier, Enterpryze will take care of the realised gain/loss financial posting. This is based on the exchange rate used on the Invoice against the one on the payment.

You can choose the Month and Year

To set up your rates for a date range click on Set rates for period.

· This will allow you to set rates against all your foreign currencies for a month for example, saving you time in adding in the rates for each day.

· Click on Save to set the rates·

· You can Edit each row to set or change your rates, click on Save to keep changes

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