mCollect - Tips & Tricks to navigate the app

How to navigate mCollect, set filters, where to access customers, invoices, Payments, see available stock, see summary of postings.

How to navigate mCollect

It is quite simple to start using mCollect app, let us help you understand more as you start using it.😊

What each tab is used for


This tab contains a list of your Customers, this is based on the Settings defined in the Getting started guide. From here you can add new customers or simply add an Invoice.


This tab shows you a list of your customers where you can select invoices for payment.

Tip: Bank reconciliations are performed in your Web browser.


This tab shows you a list of any invoices that have been saved as draft to be created at a later time, especially if you are offline at the time of adding them or perhaps you want to check pricing or other details for your customer.

Van Stock

This tab shows you all your stock items and the quantities that are available to sell under the Free column.


The Summary tab gives you a total of your postings so far by your selected date range. For example how many invoices were paid, any partially paid invoices, amounts collected by each Payment type.

To set filters on the Customer or Payments tab

Tap on the filter button select the order you would like to see your Customers.

Change to another organisation

Tap on the below button to change between organisations.

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