mCollect POS - Transactions tab

The mCollect POS Transactions tab shows you all Invoices and Payments. How to check status and pay open invoices.


What is the Transactions tab in mCollect POS

The Transactions tab in mCollect POS shows you a list of all your Invoices and Payments.

The most recent transactions are listed at the top, the left side of the screen shows you the following information:

  • Buyer

  • Transaction type & number

  • Transaction Date & Time

The right side of the screen screen shows the following information:

  • Transaction Amount

  • Transactions status lock icon - if it is Open (green) or Closed (Red)

  • QR Code assigned to Invoice - if an invoice is paid by QR code you will see this symbol.

For example Invoice 38 below shows Open status and a QR code is pending payment against it until UOB send payment notification.

Tip: Tap on any Transaction to view the details, you can email an invoice or see the Payment Information for that Invoice.

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