mCollect POS - Take a quick Payment

See how easy it is to take a quick payment, Scan and pay with the buyers QR code.


You need to have the following setup in advance to successfully add a Quick Payment:

· Your QR code app is configured (PayNow, PromptPay, DuitNow, HK QR)

· Your Branches defined in Settings on mCollect X

· Your Buyer defined or you can use the default Cash buyer

To start taking payments:

1. Tap on Home tab

1.1 Select Payment

1.2 Select your Buyer

1.3 Enter Customer Reference, Description

1.4 Enter a subtotal

1.5 Select your Branch (mandatory)

1.6 The User will default to the user logged in

1.7 Enter a Remarks

1.8 Now tap on Pay

1.9 Tap on your preferred payment method, QR Code or Cash.

The example below is using PayNow for Singapore, simply select your QR Code app which will appear here. (PayNow, PromptPay, DuitNow or Hong Kong QR)

1.10 For all QR code methods, simply scan the QR code and Pay

1.11 For Cash Payment you will get the following message then tap on Ok.

1.12 You will now see an Invoice and Payment have been created on your Recent transactions list on the Home Tab.

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