mCollect POS - Password management

How to change your password in the app or reset your password on your login screen if you forget what it is.

Password Management

Your Password can be managed in 2 ways for mCollect POS.

  • When logged into the App any user can change their password in their Profile

  • If a User forgets their password they can reset it from the login screen

1. How to change your password when you login to the app

After you initially log into mCollect POS you can change your password if it has been assigned to you by another user.

  • Tap on the menu, then Profile, then tap on Change Password

  • Now enter your Current Password

  • Then enter your New Password - this must contain a minimum of 6 characters, contain an upper case letter, lower case letter, number and special character.

  • Enter the new password into the Confirm New Password field again.

  • Tap on Reset when you are ready to save the changes

2. How to reset your password from the login screen

  • If you forget your password you can simply request to reset it on the login screen, tap on Forgot Password.

  • Now enter your email address used to register you on the app.

  • Tap on Submit

mPOS Forgot Password Screenshot
  • You will receive an email similar to the below example, this provides a code for you to enter to reset your password.

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