mCollect POS - Getting started

Check out how to download the app and define your settings.

This Article contains the following to help you get started using mCollect POS:

> Download the App and get registered

> Settings for admin

> Buyers setup for invoicing and Payments

Follow these easy steps to download and register to start using

Enterpryze mCollect POS.

1. Download the App

1.1 Search for mCollect POS on App Store or Google Play Store.

- Android – version 4.4 and up.

- iOS - iOS 10.0 and up for iPhone and iPad

- Compatible with mobile devices and tablets.

Google Play Store

App Store

2. Registration - it’s quick & easy, follow these 3 easy steps!

2.1 Create an account

Android landing page iOS landing page

mPOS New Login Screenshot

2.2 Enter in your Contact and Company information and add in your UOB bank accounts to link to payments (this is for existing UOB customers).

IOS registration screen

Android registration screen

Accept the terms & conditions to complete the registration.

2.3 You will now receive an email from to activate your account and you are ready to go!

Now login and proceed to Settings to complete your setup.


This is where you define all the options required to successfully add your payments.

To access Settings, tap on the Hamburger menu on the top left and then tap on Settings.

Here is the list of options available to you in Settings.

1. Company

Fill in your Company details and you can add a logo. Choose Save when finished.

2. Users

You will see that as the first user you are already defined as a Super User and set as active. For more details on adding additional users see the article

Add additional Users

3. Financials

This is your Bank account and Payment method linked for taking payments (your QR payment).

3.1 Ensure the correct details are entered for your QR app, the example below shows PayNow.

The following QR apps are available depending on your localisation: PayNow, PromptPay, DuitNow and HK QR.

3.2 Set your company to Tax enabled so you can select tax rates when adding an invoice.

3.3 There are options for Tips and discounts on your invoices by amount or percentage.

4. Branches

Branches are mandatory, they are used for selection on your Invoices and Payments.

4.1 Tap on Create New to add new Branches

4.2 Fill in the details required for your Branch, Branch ID, Branch Names, Email & address.

5. Documents

You can set the starting number for your Sales Invoice and Receipts before entering any transactions, otherwise they will both default to start at 1. Once transactions have been added this cannot be changed.

6. Reports

You can select the format for your reports, CSV, PDF (by default) or Excel.

What's next: Add additional Users , add your Buyers here and you can make a Payment.

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