mCollect POS - Adding Buyers

How to add your Buyers and enable you to add Invoices and Payments.


Buyers are your customers that you want to invoice and receive Payments from.

A Buyer is available on the Quick Payment and Sales Invoice screens.

A Buyer can also be used to filter on reports.

There is a default ‘Cash’ account already setup for you, however you can add more accounts as required.

1. Tap on the BUYERS Tab at the bottom of your screen, then tap on Create New

2. Enter the required details for your Buyer, you can set a default Billing address and Contact, which will automatically be selected when you add a Sales Invoice.

3. Payment Terms is the number of days used to calculate the payment date of your sales invoices.

4. Enter the UEN for your Buyer for the QR scan and pay.

5. Select GST (tax code) if you know your buyer is applicable to Vat.

6. Now Save/Submit your Buyer account.

What's next: Add an Invoice or add a quick payment for your Buyer

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