mCollect POS - Add an Invoice

How to add a full invoice and then link it to a payment in mCollect POS.


You need to have the following setup in advance to successfully add an Invoice:

  • Your PayNow app configured

  • Your Branches defined in Settings on mCollect POS

  • Your Buyer defined or you can use the default Cash buyer

You can add a full Invoice for your buyer, email it and pay for it now or at a later date. You will be able to monitor the status of the Invoice in your Transaction view to see if it has been paid or not.

How to add an Invoice in mCollect POS

1. Tap on Home tab

1.1 Select Invoice

1.2 Date - the date defaults to today's date but can be changed

1.3 Select your Buyer - you can create a new buyer from here if they do not already exist

1.4 Enter Customer Reference, Description

1.5 Enter a subtotal

1.6 GST tax code will default to one selected for your Buyer

1.7 You can apply Discount or Tips

1.8 Select your Branch (mandatory)

1.9 The User will default to the user logged in

1.10 Enter a Remarks

Tip: You can now choose to Save your Invoice and it can be paid later, see next section below to recall your invoice for paying.

Or you can Pay now by tapping on the Pay button and completing your Payment for this Invoice.

When you are ready to Pay your Invoice

If you tap on your Home screen you will see your recent transactions or alternatively tap on the Transactions screen to recall your Invoice.

As you can see the Invoice status is Open, this confirms that this invoice has not yet been Paid, there is no Payment information against it yet.

On your Home screen you can see your most recent transactions, you can access the Open invoices from here when your buyer is ready to Pay. You will see there is a lock icon beside each transaction showing you what is open or closed (already paid).

  • Open Lock = Open Invoice needs to be paid

  • Closed Lock = Closed & Paid Invoice

  • To Pay an open invoice simply tap on the Invoice on your Transactions list.

  • Now Tap on Pay at the bottom of your screen.

  • You will be offered the Payment choices that you get with the quick payment. Choose from PayNow or Cash.

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