mCollect POS - Add additional Users

Check out how you can add additional users, what are the user types, what steps a new user has to take to start using the app.

Add additional Users

This is where you add your additional users. As the owner of the company (Superuser) you can access this option for all user types.

There are 3 types of users you can setup:

Superuser – you are the company owner with access to everything in the app including Settings. As admin you can disable or activate users.

HQ – you can add Standard Users only, setup Buyers, add transactions, transactions view, run reports.

Standard – you are a user who can add invoices and payments, see your own invoices and Payments in the Transactions view.

1. To add a new User click on Settings – Users – Create New

1.1 Enter the required details, user name, Email address and select the Type for this user, then tap on Save.

2. What happens next for the new user?

2.1 As a new user you will receive an email welcoming you to use the App, see below example. This will contain your login details. As advised on the email you should change your password once you have logged in for the first time.

2.2 Search for mCollect POS on App Store or Google Play Store.

- Android – version 4.4 and up.

- iOS - iOS 10.0 and up for iPhone and iPad

- Compatible with mobile devices and tablets.

2.3 Once you have logged into mCollect POS you can access your Profile in the main menu to:

o Change your Password - check out the article for Password Management

o Log out of the App

3. To Manage users tap on edit, where you can change user details, disable or activate a user.

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