mCollect - Make a Payment

How to make a payment in mCollect, single or multiple invoices can be selected.

Make a Payment in mCollect

You can make a payment in mCollect with these easy to follow steps. You will be able to choose to pay single or multiple invoices and how you would like to pay those invoices.

You will be able to pay by:

  • PayNow QR code

  • Fund Transfer

  • Cash

  • Cheque Payment

How to select your invoices for payment

  1. Select the Payments tab and search for your customer

2. Now tap on top right to filter invoices for this customer by Date from oldest to newest.

3. To select a single invoice:

  • Select the invoice

  • Scroll down and select 'Save and back to summary'

  • Your single invoice is now ticked for selection

4. To select multiple invoices:

  • Select another invoice

  • Scroll down and select 'Save and back to summary'

  • Repeat these steps to continuing selecting more invoices

  • To unselect an invoice simply click onto the invoice again.

5. To adjust amount to be paid on an invoice.

  • Select the Invoice and tap on Amount to Pay

  • Change the Payment Amount

  • Key in a reason for the Partial Payment and tap on Save

  • Now tap on Save and back to Summary

6. Now Pay the Invoice

  • Tap on Pay at the bottom of your screen

  • Select your Payment method

  • For PayNow select Generate QR Code for the customer and scan it for payment.

When the Payment is successful you will see this message.

Tip: If a customer decides not to proceed with the QR payment select Close at the top and then select No.

  • For Fund Transfer key in the transfer reference and Save.

  • For Cash simply select Pay

  • For Cheque key in the Cheque Number, Bank Code, Branch Code. Then select Pay on the top right.

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