mCollect - Getting Started

Check out how to download the mCollect app and define your settings.

This Article contains the following to help you get started using mCollect:

> Download the App and get registered

> Settings for your app, select what you see when you login

Follow these easy steps to download and register to start using

Enterpryze mCollect.

1. Download the App

1.1 Search for mCollect on App Store or Google Play Store.

- Android – version 4.4 and up.

- iOS - iOS 10.0 and up for iPhone and iPad

- Compatible with mobile devices and tablets.

Google Play Store

App Store

2. Login with your email and password - it’s quick & easy!😊

Android landing page iOS landing page

Now proceed to Settings to complete your setup.

Settings for mCollect

This is where you define all the options required to successfully add your Invoices and payments.

1. To access Settings, tap on the settings menu on the top left of your screen.

2. For Customer Settings do the following, what you set here will impact the information you will see on each tab on the app. You can change this at anytime.

3. Now Synchronize your phone to get the latest lists of Customers and Stock!👌

What's next: Add an Invoice and make a payment

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