mCollect - Add an Invoice

Follow these simple steps to add an Invoice and get paid faster.

Adding an Invoice in mCollect

You can add an Invoice in mCollect with these easy to follow steps. You will be able to check stock levels in your warehouse location.

  • How to add an Invoice

  • How to email or Pay your Invoice

  • How to save your Invoice as a draft and post it later

TIP: If you are working offline saving your invoices as draft is best practice until you are able to get back on line again to post your invoices.

How to add an invoice

  1. To add an Invoice tap on plus sign at the top of the Customers tab and then tap on Invoice.

2. Select your customer and enter in the details:

  • Reference this is your customer reference.

  • Date defaults to today's date, this is the invoice date.

  • Due date is next day.

  • Sales Person defaults to the logged in user.

  • Remarks you can enter in remarks or comments for this invoice.

2.1 At the bottom of the screen there are 3 options, for entering text, scanning your Barcode and selecting your stock items.

  • Free Text allows you enter additional text onto your Invoice detail lines.

  • Scan barcode allows you to scan your item with known barcode already defined in the Enterpryze browser application.

  • Select stock items allows you to search your current list of stock items and shows you the available stock for you to sell from your warehouse. Simply tap on the item you require and enter the quantity, it defaults to 1. You can tap on 'Continue Adding' to add more items to your invoice, then tap on Finish Adding to go back to your Invoice details to review further before creating your final invoice.

2.2 Calculate Estimated price for your item (optional)

You can see how the estimated price will be calculated for this item by tapping on the information button to the right of the item, enter the quantity and the estimated price will appear.

3. When you have finished adding all items to your Invoice you can change details as per below.

4. Now you are ready to post your final Invoice tap on Create.

What's next: Now you can review your list of Invoices for your customer, email the invoice confirmation and Pay it.

  • From the Customers tab simply tap on the customer account to see list of Invoices, tap on the Open Invoice where you can Edit the references, Email the confirmation or Pay now.

What happens if you decide to Cancel the Invoice?

If you decide to cancel the Invoice you will be given the following options:

  • Save Draft - will save this invoice as a draft on your mobile app which you can retrieve in the Drafts tab if you want to edit it and post it at a later time.

  • Discard Document - this will remove the invoice as it has not yet been created.

TIP: If you are working offline saving your invoices as draft is best practice until you are able to get back on line again to post your invoices.

To retrieve your saved Invoice tap on Drafts then tap on the Invoice. Make any changes if needed then tap on Create when you are ready to post your Invoice.

What's next: How to pay your invoices

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