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Version 23.130 – January 2023

  1. Services
    1. Manage Service teams better with Enterpryze

Assign multiple technicians to a service call, Schedule and update them, see the tasks on all calendars and view on the service app. 👬 The primary technician updates and manages the call.

People work better in teams. Teams Work better in Enterpryze.


2. Organisation Settings

    1. Add a short name for your organisation so users always know which one to select.

Using the new Nickname field in Organisation settings, enter a short name to identify your organisation. This will benefit where you have similar organisations listed and users will now easily identify the correct company to use when they login. It will also help with identifying your organisation when setting Permissions for your users.


3. Stock transactions

    1. Get more insights to stock levels when selecting items on transactions

Now when selecting your stock items you will be able to see all stock levels such as On hand, committed, on purchase order and total available.


4. Purchasing

  • Purchase Invoice Scanning
    • Increased efficiency with Scanning multiple invoices from same email
      This enhancement will now identify if an incoming email from your Supplier has multiple attachments with Invoices and will scan each one into the Invoice Automation in Purchases ready for approval.
    • Custom Fields available to report on in the Grid
      For any of the assigned Custom Fields on your Scanned Invoices, you will be able to choose these for reporting on in the Grid. Select Actions > Column Chooser
  • Copy multiple documents From Purchase Orders or Deliveries to Purchase Invoices
    With this enhancement be sure never to leave behind any open documents that need to be copied from your Purchase documents. Simply Click on the Copy From button to select all the documents from your Open list 

  • Item Scanning automatically reads items on all documents
    With this improvement you no longer have to confirm each item as it is scanned onto your Purchase Document. The Quantity is automatically updated with each scan.

5. Custom Fields
    1. Assign a list of options through the Custom Fields setup
      This enhancement will enable you to create Custom fields that contain a list of options for users to select from on the assigned screen in Enterpryze. Simply select the Form Type as ‘List’ and then add a list of options through the Configuration button when it appears.

    2. The Configuration screen allows you to add as many options as required.

6. Square
    1. Control approval of your documents from square
      By default all transactions imported from Square to Enterpryze will be approved automatically. However with this new change you can tick the box to ensure the user checks all incoming transactions prior to manual approval within Enterpryze.
7. Stock Items (Enterpryze version only)
    1. Define financial accounts to track your Bill of Materials Manufacturing Costs.
      This enhancement enables you to set a default GL account to be used to track the Manufacturing Costs for all Bill of Material Stock Items. Simply assign the GL account in Settings > Module Settings > Items.

      Now the GL account will be displayed on the details of your Bill of Materials Manufacturing Costs in your Stock Item Screen, now assign your required account.


Version 22.1219 – December 2022


  1. Sales Orders
  • New Setting to Block users adding Sales Orders that will put your Free Stock below Zero. This enhancement will allow you to control adding Sales Orders that will put your Free stock below Zero, so you can control selling stock that you do not have available.

When this option is ticked the user will get a message only when the available (Free) Stock will go below Zero when adding a Sales Order.

  • Add Deposits to Sales Orders to get paid in advance of Delivery and Invoicing.

You can setup a Non-Stock Item for your Deposits, add it as the default Deposit in Item Settings.

Add the Deposit item to your Sales Orders where you can specify the deposit amount or Percentage being received from your Customer. The Deposit option will appear once you have added a Stock Item to your Order.

Now copy the Sales Order to a Sales Deposit Invoice and then add the Payment.

  1. Stock Reporting
  • Stock on Hand report for All Warehouses – run this report to see a list of all your Stock items and the quantity of stock on hand for each warehouse and the overall total for all warehouses.


Version 22.1205 – December 2022


  1. Production
  • On production of finished goods from a bill of materialsee the Issue and Receipt from production transactions and review and print details. This enhancement enables users to print pick lists of raw materials and issue package or stock data for finished goods.

  • Batch Numbers - When selecting Batch numbers on raw materials the Components tab is displayed first on the Batch number selection pop-up.


  1. Items
  • Search for item groups with the stock selection window, start typing and search

  • Filter on products that have not been uploaded to SquarePOS
  • Straight to search on Items screen
  • Duplicate items - Create new items from existing ones to include prices, Re-ordering and descriptions

  • Import item groups – Specify the item group when uploading/updating items via the importer

  1. Sales and Purchase
  • New columns added to the gridcolumn chooser. Applied amount and Balance due.
  • New picking list by warehouse

  1. Reporting
  • Open Purchase order report with Open Purchase orders, Open Quantity by Supplier

  • New Goods to be delivered Report - select dates to see what stock is to be delivered from each warehouse
  • New Stock on Purchase Order Report - select dates to see stock due to be supplied on Purchase Orders

Version 22.1024 – October 2022


  1. Take control over visibility of the Gross Profit in your organisation – Through the Settings option for Sales/CRM admins will be able to tick a box to hide the Gross Profit from view on the various reporting screens, lists & Grids against each Sales transaction.

For example when this option is Unticked by default users will see the Gross Profit displayed as follows on all Sales Transactions:

2. Track when each stock item is required for Delivery on Orders – set delivery dates for each part of your Customer Orders, keep track on when stock will be required. The Delivery Date can now be set at line level on your Sales documents.
  • When you click to add a line item you can now set a Delivery Date against each line. It will default to the date set at the beginning of the Order/Delivery but can be changed for each line.
  • Once the Line Items are added, you can see the Delivery dates by expanding each line.

3. Simplified Compact View of the Delivery Scheduler – Using the new the Timeline Options on the Delivery Scheduler you can minimise the amount of information that is displayed.

  • Hide Appointment list – this will simply hide the list of Orders & Deliveries to be scheduled on the left side of the screen. You can Toggle this option on or off as required.
  • These options are only relevant in the Timeline View which you can access by clicking on the Work Week option on the calendar:


  • Select any of Timeline views below to set the Start and End Time or Cell Duration

  • Start and End Time – Set the Start and end time for each day.
  • Cell Duration – Set the duration which defaults to 0.5 (1/2 hour) and increase as required.

N.B. Changes to both options will be saved for next time you login, however the Timeline option will not.

  • Collapse the Grid view – you can also collapse the Grid view at anytime to minimise the information on view.

Version 22.926 – September 2022


  1. Production history added for Bill of Materials on the Stock details screen

Can now see a full history of the Bill of Materials Parent item on the Stock item details screen. A new tab has been added called ‘Production History’. You can drill into the Goods Receipt and Goods Issues created at the time of Production for the BOM, with all relevant price details.


2. Additional Manufacturing costs can be added to a Bill of Materials

When manufacturing finished goods other costs need to be considered in the overall cost of making the item, for example production costs, utilities, man hours, machine depreciation. These can now be inserted to the Bill of Materials as separate lines with their relevant costs and will be included in the calculation of the overall cost of making the item.


3. Set Credit Limits against Customers

On the Finance & Taxes tab of the Customer details screen there is a new Credit Limit field available. This value is assigned manually and will be used to check the Credit limit balance when adding a Sales Order, Sales Delivery or Sales Invoice. In addition, there is another field on the same screen ‘Warning Only’ when ticked will display a warning only when a document will exceed the Credit Limit.

At header level on the Customer details screen there will also be a display of Credit Balance remaining, this will all depend on the Permissions assigned to users if they are enabled to see balances.

New Permissions in User Settings:

Example of message that will appear when a user selects a Customer who has exceeded their Credit Limit when trying to add a Sales Order. The Override option only appears if the user has not been given permission.

The user then must enter the relevant credentials to override the warning and proceed with the transaction.


4. New button added to Scan Barcode on the Item editor for all transactions

When adding a new Sales or Purchase Item transaction for example Sales Order, there is a new button added to Scan Barcode.


A popup will now appear and simply start scanning your stock items, Enterpryze will return the results found in the Item details in Enterpryze, then add them to the transaction.

This works for adding barcode items to Sales and Purchase documents.


5. Recurring Transactions Remarks now moved to the Comments field

For Recurring transactions that are currently generated your customer will see the transaction reference in the Remarks field which appears on the emailed PDF. This has now bee changed and moved to the Comments field so will no longer appear on the PDF sent to your Customer, but will remain on the document for internal reference purposes.

6. New objects added to Document layouts for Reporting

The following objects have been added to Document Layouts in Settings where you can choose a PDF report for each.

  • Goods Receipt, Goods Issue and Stock Transfer
  • Example for Goods Receipt:

  • In addition, when previewing any of the above transactions you can click on the Actions button to download the PDF or Report.

Version 22.905 – September 2022

  1. Email attachments from sales & purchase documents

When sending a document by email, you now have the option to include some or all attachments on the email. These documents must already be attached to the base document, there is a new attachments button in the share window to allow you to choose which should be included with the system sent email.


2. Bill of Material improvements

The BOM editor now has the following improvements:

  • Sorting & filtering of the components grid
  • New info next to ‘make’ button calculating max total creation (based on raw materials availability)
  • Gross profit calculation – user selects price list & costing method to view the gross profit calculation.


3. Pagination for notification centre

Previously, all notifications would show on one long list no matter the number. Even with extremely high numbers, you would have to scroll all the way through. Pagination adds a ‘more’ button after the first 20 are displayed to load the next batch.


4. Stock price list report

New report for the accounting module to show inventory items at each price list. Each row represents a different item code and the columns their price at each price list the report is run for. Filterable by item code and item group.

Version 22.815 – August 2022


  1. UOM is now available on the Stock Transfer screen

When adding a Stock Transfer users will now be able to see the UOM for each of the Stock Items where it applies.

  • When you hover over the quantity on the item after the document is added you will be able to see the UOM.

2. Add an additional Cost price when creating a BOM item

There will be an additional Cost price field shown when adding the components of a BOM. If this field is populated it will be used for the cost price when the Goods Receipt is created for the BOM parent item. This cost will be used when you click on Make to produce your final product.


3. Stripe Integration now supports 3DS

3D Secure (3DS) provides an additional layer of authentication for credit card transactions that protects Merchants from liability for fraudulent card payments. The user will receive the following messages when Stripe payment is confirmed and the Incoming payment has been added to Enterpryze successfully.

4. Square Integration - Link one Square shop to multiple Enterpryze organisations

Currently you can link one Square POS shop to a single Enterpryze organisation. With this change you have the option to link your Square POS to multiple Enterpryze organisations.


Version 22.725 – July 2022

  1. Custom fields can be selected across more Grids

Users can select to see their custom fields from the Column Chooser in the Grids. This has been extended across more grids throughout Enterpryze. For example

Sales module:
Recurring Sales and Email and Billing

Items module:
Stock Report, Goods Adjust In and Goods Adjust Out


2. Send Customer statements in the Customer own Currency

Can now select the Customers own currency to produce the statement for emailing to your customer. Simply tick the checkbox for this option, otherwise the Statement will remain in your organisations Currency if you prefer.

3.  Purchase Automation – improvements for user experience

The following changes have been added to the Purchase Automation piece to enable users to navigate and improve your user experience.

  • Email notification to confirm when you are running out of scans – receive an email that will show you what your current scan balance is and that it is time to top up so you never run out.
  • Changing a scanned invoice from Service to Item type retains details – improvements have been made to ensure that no data is lost when changing from Service to Item type Invoices. All item data will be read in correctly.
  • Actions & notification improved display on scanned document – You can now see all actions/notifications for your scanned document.
  • Line and document discounts now displayed on scanned document. – users can now process discounts on the scanned invoices at line or document level.


4. BOM details screen improvements - Paging, additional fields added and can export to Excel
  • Currently there is paging on the BOM but you can only display 10 items within the BOM at a time.
    This has changed to match other grid options of 10 / 20 / 100

  • The following columns have been added; Cost Price, Qty on Purchase Order, Default Supplier

  • Export to excel option to export the item details within the BOM

5. New option to include Sales Reserve invoices on the Invoices Grid

A user can now simply tick a box when they want to see a list of Sales Reserve invoices on the same grid as the standard Sales Invoices. This option can be deselected anytime and the Sales Reserve Invoices will continue to show on a separate grid also.


6. Can now import Sales Opportunities through the Fil Import option

The Sales Opportunities object is now available in the File Import.


7. All Batch number selection screens now allow decimal qty when outstanding qty is < 1


8. New Setting to allow you choose to set default Vat rate per Item or per Company for your organisation

Currently the default Vat rate for all Sales & Purchase transactions is taken from the Stock Item setup unless your Customer or Supplier are Vat Exempt. With this new setting you can decide for your organisation to use the Stock item or Company (Customer/Supplier) Vat rates as default for all Sales & Purchase transactions.

  • Click on Settings > Module Settings – you will see the below tick box available for your Sales & Purchase transactions.


9. New option to Duplicate stock items on the Item setup screen

Existing Stock Items can now be duplicated on the Stock Item setup screen. Simply select the existing item, click on Actions then Duplicate. Enter the new Item Code/Description and all other fields will be populated with the same Item details.


10. All Stock Movements updated from Enterpryze to Square

Functionality has been improved around updating all stock movements that occur on Enterpryze back to Square POS to ensure consistency with stock levels between both.


11. Customer Statement layout has been improved and updated

The design of the statement layout has been improved, the header details have been reorganised with the logo moved from centre to the left, some fields have been renamed such as Ageing Date to Date, Customer ID has been added and more.




Version 22.613 – June 2022

  1. New Stock Reporting added to give you more insights to your stock positions

We have added new Stock reporting to give you more insights to your Stock Positions so you can make informed decisions in the selling process.

  • Committed Stock on Orders – this report is grouped by Stock item showing where the item is committed on any open Sales Order
  • Stock on Quotes – this report is grouped by Stock item showing where the item exists on any open Sales Quotes
  • Stock on Deliveries – this report is grouped by Stock item showing where the item exists on any open Sales Deliveries
  • Available to Promise Report – this report is grouped by Stock item showing where the item exists on any open Sales Orders and Purchase Orders to give a running total of the possible stock available to sell.


2. For Square Unit Stock items calculate the dimensions on document lines

When setting up Stock Items that are defined as ‘Square Units’ for Unit of Measure, you will be able to enter the dimensions (Height & Width) of the Item on the Sales & Purchase Document lines.


3. You can now set Visibility against a user for each Warehouse in Settings

In your Settings for the Warehouses you can decide which user has access to each warehouse. Giving you more control over your users visibility to stock locations.


4. Purchase Automation – will now identify the Supplier by the linked PO number first

The Purchase Automation will now identify the Supplier by the linked Purchase number that appears on the imported Invoice and compare it to any of the linked PO’s for that Supplier in Enterpryze. Improving Machine Learning within the Automation process.


5. Purchase Automation – improved machine learning when matching linked PO or Goods Receipt

When matching to a related Purchase order or Goods Receipt, machine learning will identify if there is a difference in the Warehouse or GL codes to be used and will update the created Invoice according to the related documents already in Enterpryze.


6. Attachments added on the Web will appear in the Delivery Mobile App

Any attachments that you add through the Web app will also appear against the Sales order or Delivery scheduled in the Delivery App, giving your Van drivers and users more visibility to important information when dealing with your customers on site.


7. You can now select to show Google Maps on Service Calls and Expense screens

You can now simply choose whether to show the Google Maps on Service Calls and Expense screens on the Web App.


8. Services Scheduler has new Compact view for weekly view by employees

The Services Scheduler has been improved to give you a more compact view on the Weekly details option for your employees.



Version 22.425 – April 2022

  1. Purchase Automation – further enhancements added to improve your scanned data on your Purchase Invoices

Purchase Automation is the ability to scan a Purchase Invoice, parse it via OCR and create a resulting 'pending invoice' within Enterpryze. This is fully integrated and automatic through email. In this release we have further enhanced how your data is scanned with changes to Machine Learning and Usability, always looking at ways to improve the user experience while bringing value to your business.


2. Filter data by Foreign Customer Name for SAP B1 Customers using Enterpryze

Allows SAP B1 users to select the Foreign Customer Name as a filter option and use it to search for Customers on their Companies list.


Version 22.214 – February 2022

  1. Reorder Bill of Material items to manufacture and make end products

Allows you to reorder Bill of Material items which will be received into stock and you can make your final stock item on the reorder screen. The components that make your final Bill of Material stock item will be issued out of stock. Manufacture and Make your end products on one screen.


2. Bill of Material items now included in Batch Traceability

Allows you to assign Batch numbers when Making your end products directly from the Stock Setup screen. This in turn allows selection of manufactured end products (Bill of Materials) in Batch Selection on Sales Transactions. This provides the ability to enter batch numbers, expiry dates and quantities against the inbound Parent product if any of its components are flagged as a batch Item.


3. Purchase Automation now supports Branches for SAP B1

For any SAP B1 organisation using Branches, you can now select the relevant Branch on the Purchase Invoice draft before approving the invoice that has been received using the Enterpryze Purchase Automation.


4. Mobile Apps now support Gross Price lists

We previously enabled you to use Gross price lists on the Web app for Enterpryze. This functionality has now been fully integrated for you on the Mobile Apps.


Version 22.117 – January 2022

  1. Quick actions now on grid views

Allows users to choose quick actions directly from the grid view without having to drill into the document.


2. Copy From document option now on Sales transactions

Allows users to copy from open transactions for a customer to a new document for both Service and Item type transactions in Sales. The user will be able to select both the transaction and lines to copy from.


3. Add Service calls for Suppliers

Allows users to add a Service call for Suppliers.


4. Shopify Customer name appears on Enterpryze transaction

The current setting is to set a default Customer account in Enterpryze where all transactions get posted to when integrated with Shopify. With this improvement the Customer name that appears in Shopify will now get updated as the name on the Sales transaction in Enterpryze.


5. Shopify – Can now Use Service documents

Allows posting of Service transactions to simplify the Shopify integration further. Once activated you will be able to assign Service documents to be posted to a default GL account in Enterpryze. This will be assigned to all transactions coming from Shopify and there will be no stock postings.


Version 21.1213 – December 2021

  1. Write offs on underpaid incoming payments

Grants the option to write off part of an incoming payment when converting from an invoice.


2. Purchase Invoice – Related Documents

Adds the ‘Related Documents’ window to the purchase invoice screen. This matches the same feature that Sales Invoice already has.


3. Negative discount on document line editor

Allows the discount amount on item lines to be entered as a negative value. This can be used in cases like adding 2% charge for card payments.


4. New screen when a user does not have permission to access an area

Adds a new ‘holding screen’ that a user will see when trying to access an area that they do not have permission to see.


Version 21.719 – July 2021

  1. New Budgets & Targets Screen

A user can set budget against their general ledger allowing them to assign values to each entry in the chart of accounts per month. Time periods can be defined, and budgets can be named & saved for later reference/updates.


2. Support for Gross Price Lists

Grants the choice to set a price list as gross price in settings to automatically factor in an item’s underlying cost when adding to a document.


3. USD Currency Option for SG Registrations

Adds a currency selection dropdown for Singapore registrations for SGD or USD.


4. POS Changes: Offline Card Payment Reports & Gross Profit Price List Support

Offline card payment reports: Transactions that have been processed outside of Enterpryze (eg. external credit card payment) are now included in the end of day reports.

Gross Profit Price List: POS transactions can pull the gross prices of an item as described on feature #2 above.


5. Attachments on Draft Purchase Documents

Allows for users to add attachments to purchase request or Purchase order draft documents.


6. Calendar Option: Merge Employees

New button on service & delivery calendars to ‘Merge Employees’. This shows the calendars of all selected employees together rather than in separate columns.


7. Datasource added for Delivery & Service Call mobile app signatures

The Deliver and Service mobile apps allow for signatures to be taken as proof of work completed. This change allows those to be included on the document’s PDF export.


8. Public API – Now includes Sales Order Cancellation

Allows for 3rd party developers to process sales order cancellations through the open API for Enterpryze.


Version 21.621 – June 2021

  1. Datasource added for Delivery & Service Call mobile app signatures

The Deliver and Service mobile apps allow for signatures to be taken as proof of work completed. This change allows those to be included on the document’s PDF export. We can include these on any customised PDF’s for you.


Version 21.517 – May 2021

  1. Sales & Purchase dashboards for all packages

Adds the Sales & Purchase dashboard features to all packages. Click into the User settings to make this visible.


2. Convert purchase request to purchase order

Allows for copying of purchase request documents to purchase order.


3. POS – Offline card payment

Additional card payment method added alongside the existing option of cash.