Items: Stock Transfer

Move your stock between warehouses/locations.

What is a Stock Transfer?

A Stock Transfer enables you to move stock from one warehouse to another. It can simply be done from the Item screen or from the Stock Transfer option.

Simply click on Items > Stock Items, select your item and then click on the Warehouse tab to begin.

  • The first step is to enter the quantity to transfer

  • then select the warehouse to transfer to.

  • Now click on the Transfer button, so simple for a quick transfer.

Your quick transfer is now complete.

If you want to transfer a large number of items, use the Stock Transfer option here.

Click on Items > Stock Transfer.

  • Click on +New stock transfer.

  • The date will default to today’s date, select the warehouse to transfer from and To.

  • Now click on +Add Line to add your items

  • enter in the Item details and qty

  • the bottom of screen will show the current stock for each warehouse before and after the transfer

  • then click on Save.

  • Once you have entered all of your Items click on SAVE to post the transfer.

Your transfers are now complete it’s that simple.

Check out the training video on the Enterpryze Academy,

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