Items: Stock Take

Find out how to enter your stock take into Enterpryze in 3 simple steps.

What is a Stock Take?

A stock take allows you to record your counted stock at any given period in time. You can do this for each warehouse/location of your Business so you will always know what is available.

Your Stock Take is done per Warehouse in Enterpryze and can be completed in 3 simple steps.

So let’s click on Items > Stock Take to begin.

1. Select your Warehouse

The first step is to select your Warehouse.

2. Enter counted stock quantities

The second step is to enter your counted stock quantities. You can prepare for this by exporting the list to Excel to be printed and filled in by the user.

Now simply enter the Count here. You can choose to Post each line or auto post or wait till the end and choose +Post all counted.

Now the items will appear under the Counted Items tab.

3. Review and post your Counted Items

Your third and final step is to review the items here which will show you the differences that will be generated. You can export the list to Excel for your record and remove counted items if necessary.

When you are ready to post to Enterpryze click on Post differences. It will post a Goods Receipt for an increase or Goods Issue for a decrease in stock.

Your stock take is now complete it’s that simple.

Take a look at how simple the stock take is, watch our video on the Enterpryze Academy.

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