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How to get the most from your Enterpryze stock reports. These include Stock Valuation, Stock Posting and Stock Report.

Stock Reporting in Enterpryze

There are many stock reports available in Enterpryze giving you valuable information such as your in stock totals, value of the stock on hand, stock on order and stock committed to sales orders.

Stock Posting

Now we will take a look at the Stock Posting Report. This report will list all the stock postings that took place for each item. Using the criteria you can select what items or item groups to report on, date and warehouse selection. If nothing is changed then all items are reported historically.

When the results are displayed they will be in the order which they happened so this is a good report to use as an audit trail for stock coming in and going out.

You can choose to export the report to Excel for record purposes or perform further analysis, the choice is yours.

Stock Valuation Report

Now we will take a look at the Stock Valuation Report. You can run this report to get a value on your stock items at a chosen Price list. This is based on the Price lists you have defined in Module Settings and linked to each of your Items.

Simply select the criteria for the Items, Item Groups, warehouses, date selection to report up to and then choose the Price list to value your stock at.

When the results are returned you will see the Cost price as taken from the chosen price list by the quantity in stock for that period to give you the value.

So just to confirm you are seeing the value of your in stock totals for each item upto and including the Report date that you chose, if that is different to today’s date it will not include current stock totals.

You can export the results to Excel for further analysis.

Stock Report

This gives you a full overview of all of your stock items, showing you available stock, what stock is in each warehouse. From here you can drill down into any item to see full details.

Stock in Financial reports

As your posting stock transactions there are journal entries happening which will affect your Financial reports such as the Profit & Loss for your Revenue and Cost of Sales, your Balance Sheet and Trial Balance. See how to access the Financial reports here.

Now check out our training video on the Enterpryze Academy that will take you through each of these reports.

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