Items - Manage your stock items

How to manage your stock items, see what's on order and available to sell. Move stock from warehouse to warehouse and more.

Now you have added your stock items and have started adding transactions, see what benefits your stock item screen can give you.

  • Search your items and do advanced searches

  • See what stock is available to sell, stock that is on order

  • Get an overview of your stock item performance

  • Move stock between warehouses

  • See what Sales Channels your stock is linked to, eg Shopify


TIP: Stock Items cannot be removed or deleted once they have been added to Enterpryze. You can however edit the Item and place it on hold so that it does not appear in any of your searches on documents.

1. Search your Items

You can search within your Item group for each item, you can search by code or description.

Under the Advanced search you can also search within in the item group or items but it gives you a summary for each item on the result.

2. Check stock availability

You will be able to see what stock you have, what is free to sell and what is on order. To see a breakdown for each Warehouse click on the Warehouse tab.

  • Stock on hand- this is the total quantity that you have in stock for this item

  • Committed Stock - this is the quantity which is currently committed on Sales Orders. This is taken from your Open Sales Orders.

  • Free Stock - your Free stock is calculated as Stock on hand minus Committed Stock + on Purchase order - this is the stock quantity that you have available to sell to your customers.

  • On Purchase Order - this is the quantity that you have on order with your supplier, taken from your Open Purchase Orders.

TIP: You can access the Stock Report option on the Items menu to see stock availability for a number of stock items.

3. Overview of your stock performance

On the Overview tab you can get a look at your item performance, how well it is doing in Sales, the value on open transactions and your stock position.

  • Sales Revenue shows the sales amount generated for this item each month

  • The Value of items on transactions shows the open value for each document type in your Sales process.

  • The Stock Position simply shows you the stock availability in graph form.

4. Move stock between warehouses

The Warehouses tab shows you the stock on hand for each warehouse that you have defined. It also shows you stock that is committed on Sales orders, on order for Purchase orders and available stock to sell or move per warehouse.

  • From here you can set your Default warehouse

  • Do a Stock Transfer between warehouses

- In the Quantity to Transfer column you can enter a value against your chosen warehouse

- In the Default Bin column select the Warehouse to move the stock to

- Then click on the Stock Transfer icon for that row to complete the move it's that simple😊

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