Items - How to setup Bill of Material items

Find out how to setup Bill of Material items, bundle items together to make a final product.

What is a Bill of Materials Item?

Bill of Materials or BOM are a list of items that are bundled together to make a final product item for Sales purposes.  You can add a quantity for each item on the Bill of materials and change it as required.  Each item that is part of a Bill of Materials can be defined as a Stock Item in Enterpryze, so is tracked as normal for Inventory purposes.  You can also add non stock items to your Bill of Materials.

Your Bill of Materials item is tracked for inventory purposes but is essentially treated as a Sales item only as it is only produced from the components that make it up.


Overview of Steps:

  • Add your Stock items required for product item
  • Add your Final product item choosing 'Bill of Materials' as Stock type
  • Add the list of stock items (components) that make up the final product item
  • Make the Final product item:
    • this will reduce the inventory quantities for each stock item on the Bill of Materials (Goods Issue)
    • this will increase the inventory quantity for the final product item and put it into stock for selling purposes (Goods Receipt)


How to setup a Bill of Materials

  • Simply add all your stock items which will make up the final product.
  • Now add your Final product item details, select the Item type as 'Bill of Materials'.

  • Now add your list of items to the final product, click on the Bill of Materials Tab.
  • Enter the quantity that will be required to make the final item and select the warehouse that this stock will be taken from.
  • Now Save your Item details.

Make the final product item

  • You will now need to click on 'Make' to build your final product item.  It is at this point that it will take the required list of Bill of materials out of stock (Goods Issue) and will update the stock totals for the final product item to put into stock (Goods Receipt). 
  • Select the Warehouse and enter the required Quantity then click on Make.

What happens when you sell this final product item?

When you add the final product item to a Sales document it will only display the final product item details and will not list the materials that make that item.  Once this item is sold and delivered to your customer it will reduce the stock quantity for the final product only at this point.

However as the materials are stock items you can still add them as normal to a sales document when needed.