Items - How to add a stock Item

How to add a new Stock item to Enterpryze, in order to track your stock coming in and out of your warehouse.

What is a Stock Item?

A stock item is an item that you can Purchase, can Sell while recording all the movements in and out of your warehouses or locations, So you will always know what you have available to sell to your customers or what is on order from your Suppliers.

However you can also have non-stock items which are Sale only items so are only recorded on all your Sales documents.

To add a new stock item

This is where you can add, update, maintain or search through your stock items for your company.

  • Click on Items > Stock Items > +New Item

Now fill in the required Item details:

  • Item Code - enter your item code to identify your item, this is a required field and will appear on all of your documents.

  • Description - enter a description for your item to appear on your documents

  • Item Group - select the Item group for this item

  • Item Type - select the item type is a Stock item or Non-stock. Service items can be added separately.

  • Barcode - if you have a barcode enter it here, this will help with identifying your stock item from the Enterpryze mobile apps when it is scanned.

  • UOM Description - UOM means Unit of Measure, this is the way you manage your stock, for example in packs, box, case etc.

  • On Hold - this option is only selected when this item is not to show for selection on Sales transactions, maybe down to discontinued or dispute with your supplier.

👋Batch numbers functionality for Enterpryze Mobile One or ERP Package

By ticking this box you are activating Batch numbers for this stock item, checkout the full article on Using Batch numbers in Enterpryze.

  • You can add an image for your stock item here.

Price lists tab

  • Enter a price and currency for each price list that this item relates to. Your Price lists are defined in Module Settings.

Re-Ordering tab

This allows you to specify the quantities to have in stock and to re-order from your preferred supplier.

Tip: This tab only appears for items selected as Stock item type, this is not available for Non-stock items.

  • Minimum Stock - this is the minimum qty of stock that would like to have at all times before re-ordering stock.

  • Maximum Stock - this is the maximum qty of stock for this item.

  • Re-ordering quantity - this is the qty that you wish to use to re-order this item from your Supplier.

  • Default Supplier - select your preferred supplier for this item.


This is where you set the tax rates to be used for this stock item on your Sales and Purchase transactions. The tax rates you specify here will overwrite any tax rate already assigned to your Customer or Supplier if they are liable for tax.

Now SAVE your Stock Item.

Now click on the Warehouse tab and assign the default warehouse to this item. This will be the warehouse that stock will be delivered from and ordered to unless you change it at the time of entering the transactions.

What's next: How to manage your stock items

Check out the training video on the Enterpryze Academy.

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