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Increase your stock levels with a Goods receipt.

What is a Goods Receipt?

A Goods Receipt enables you to increase your stock for each item. This can be done through the Item transactions which is a direct update to your stock or as part of the purchasing process with your Supplier.

When setting up Enterpryze for the first time you should use a Goods Receipt to enter your opening balances for each of your stock items from your chosen closed period. This can be done manually, or you can use the File Importer to upload the details from an Excel template provided.

A goods Receipt in the Items menu can contain many lines so you can enter all items onto 1 transaction.

How to add a Goods Receipt

1. Click on Items – Goods adjust in - Add new Goods Receipt

  • Posting Date – this will default to today's date but can be changed, if you are adding this transaction as an opening balance you may want to specify the date of the month you are starting from.

  • Document Date - this is normally the same as the Posting date.

  • Journal Remarks - this is the reference that will appear on the journal posted for this transaction. If you leave this empty it will simply say 'Goods Receipt' after you add it.

  • Now click on +Add Line

  • Select the item you require or search for it

  • Now select the Warehouse to receive the stock into, the left side of the screen will show you the current stock totals in that warehouse for this item.

  • The Tax group that applies

  • Enter the Quantity and Price

  • If you have defined Cost Centers and Projects you can select them here.

  • To continue adding more items to the document click on +Add additional item otherwise click on OK to go back to the document details.

  • then click on Save when you are ready to add the Goods Receipt.

  • You can use the Stock Report in the Items menu to check your stock totals.

What happens on the Accounting side when a Goods Receipt is posted?

A journal is automatically posted to Accounting which is based on the Item Group setup you have linked to each item. See below for an example of a journal which is based on 1 item for a quantity of 10 x price of 50, so the value of the Debit/Credit is 500.

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