Configure your Shopify account

Integrating Shopify with Enterpryze, Your guide to integrating Shopify with Enterpryze, configure your shopify account.

Overview of Shopify

Shopify is the name of its e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale (POS) systems.

Shopify Integration with Enterpryze allows you to automatically sync your Shopify eCommerce orders to your Enterpryze accounting. Sales, taxes, and discounts are all automatically exported so that you can keep track of how your eCommerce business is performing.

  • Simple integration within minutes

  • Sell 24/7 to anyone, anywhere

  • Full integrated global platform

  • Real-time stock updates

  • Built-in approvals engine

A summary of the process is as follows:

  • Create Shopify Account →Configure Shopify account → Connect Enterpryze to Shopify → Upload Products → Process Transactions

  • Customer account is created

  • Stock Items are created

  • Stock levels for items are sufficient to process transactions

Create Shopify Account

1. Go to

2. Enter email address that will be used to register the company

3. Click ‘Get Started’

4. Enter Password and Store Name

5. Wait for the store creation confirmation

6. Populate required information and click Next

7. Populate your data and click ‘Enter my Store

🎥 Need help with setting up your store, design and what would work best for your business, check out Shopify Learn with access to multiple training resources.

Configure Shopify Account to integrate with Enterpryze

1. Click Apps

2. In the Build Custom Apps for your unique needs, Click ’Develop Apps for your store'

3. Click ‘Allow custom app development’

- You will need to click on 'Allow custom app development' a second time to accept the terms and conditions.

- Now click on 'Create an app'

4. Enter ‘App Name’ as Enterpryze, select the default email address for your store.

  • Now click on 'Create app'

5. Grant permissions - Click on 'Configure Admin API Scopes'

  • Customer details and customer groups = Read and Write

  • Orders, transactions and fulfilments = Read and Write

  • Products, variants and collections = Read and Write

  • Product information = Read and Write

  • Fulfilment services = Read and Write

6. Click Save

7. The information required to complete Enterpryze and Shopify connection is displayed.

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