Integrating PayNow With Enterpryze

Integrating PayNow is easy with Enterpryze, find out how to link your PayNow account details and start tracking your payments.

PayNow Integration will enable you to use account-to-account transfer via QR code to Pay invoices in Singapore. An incredibly simple solution that helps business improve Cash flow.

PayNow Integration

In order to Integrate PayNow to Enterpryze, the Admin user will first need to take the following information from PayNow:

1. Log in to your UOB Bank APP

2. Click on PayNow to retrieve the following information that you have registered:

  • Merchants Name

  • UEN (Unique Entity Number)

  • Proxy Suffix (optional)

3. Once you have the information, go to Enterpryze and follow the steps:

  • Click on Explore add-ons and services

4. Double click on the PayNow logo

5. Now enter in the following information from your PayNow registration on your UOB Bank app:

  • Merchant Name – this is the name you are known as in PayNow

  • UEN – this is the Unique Entity Number

  • Proxy Suffix – this is an optional 3 digit suffix to your UEN

  • Account Number – this is your UOB bank account number

  • Account Type – select the bank account type

  • Transfer account – select the GL account for the Bank Transfers in Enterpryze

Now you are ready to start receiving/making payments using PayNow on your Enterpryze Mobile Apps.

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