How to use Purchase Automation in Enterpryze

Find out how to scan invoices, edit the invoices and approve them.



  • You have enabled Purchase Automation in Settings > Module Settings > Invoice Automation

  • You have defined the central email address in Settings > Module Settings > Invoice Automation for scanning the PDF's

  • You have defined a list of users who can email PDF's to the central email address in Settings > Module Settings > Invoice Automation


Purchase Automation PDF - the limit is ~10 pages. max file size 30MB


Steps to autoscan your emailed PDF's:

1. You receive in a PDF invoice from your Supplier

2. Forward the PDF onto the central email address for scanning

3. Enterpryze will now auto scan the PDF invoice for you.

4. Now click on Purchasing > Invoice Automation 

The grid will show a list of Pending Invoices, invoices that have been emailed in to the central email address and are waiting to be approved.

Note that the Invoice is only saved as a Draft and will not be added to Enterpryze until you Approve it.

Enterpryze Purchase Automation grid

5.  Automation Status – the status will show if any invoices are ‘Matched’ correctly or have errors or further actions to required which will need to be done in Edit mode.

6. You can now Approve, Edit or Reject the Invoice.  Simply click on the 3 dots at the end of the row to access the options.

7. When you Edit the Invoice you can check the details and make any necessary corrections if they exist.  Remember that with Machine Learning Enterpryze will get better at recognising all of the defaults you choose each time that you scan.

8. Link your Invoice to related documents

  • While in Edit mode you can now Link your Invoice to Related Documents, any Open Purchase Orders or Purchase Deliveries.
  • What happens with automatching to other docs, PO’s, P Delivery?

  • It will try and match if lines match, the user will be able to see potential matches under Related Document column and choose one to link it to. Checks for Open PO’s / PD’s (Purchase Orders and Purchase Deliveries)



Once Open Orders or Deliveries are matched to your Invoice, they will get closed by this process once your Approve the Invoice.


9. You can also manually upload your PDF's.

Upload – can manually upload PDF’s that you have saved.  

  • You can select a PDF file or simply drag and drop one here.

Once your Invoice has been Approved it is now available for Payment!💰


Watch it here to see how easy it is to setup and use!