How to start using Enterpryze POS

How to start using Enterpryze POS Find out how simple it is to start using Enterpryze POS and start selling your products in store.


Enterpryze POS system posts transactions in real-time directly to Enterpryze. POS automatically manages inventory and all transactions are saved directly to Enterpryze.

With Enterpryze Retail Point of Sale (POS) you will be able to:

  • Bring retail functionality to your system

  • Transactions saved directly into Enterpryze, no need for third-party integration

  • Single point of inventory management

  • Ability to transfer stock between stores

Once your Store is setup you will be able to access it anywhere on the Web at:

  1. How to create your Store and start using POS

First ensure you have the correct permissions to access Enterpryze POS.

  • Click on Settings - User Settings and click on permissions beside the user and enable POS access as per below.

Now proceed to the Point of Sale menu to setup your Stores.

  • Click on the + sign to add your Store

    • Enter the Store name and Enabled is now ticked to show Store will be active.

    • Select the default Warehouse, price list and Customer to be used for all Sales.

    • By ticking Gross Prices this is the amount including Vat.


    • For Payment Mapping, select the payment methods that are applicable to your store and select the relevant GL account to link these payments for posting in the Enterpryze Accounting module.

    • Then select the users who will have access to the store and add quick amount buttons.

    • Now Save

2. Now group your items into Categories, make it easier to find products at the till

Click on the Categories tab, then click on + sign to assign your products

  • Simply add a name for the Category

  • Select the Items that will be linked to this category

  • You can select an image to associate with the Category or drop the image file here.

3. Assign Discounts to Products when needed

You can assign discounts to Products when needed. You can specify the dates the discounts are valid for and the products or Categories to assign the Discounts to.

Click on the Discounts Tab, then click on the + sign to add your Discounts when needed.

  • Now enter in the Discount details:

    • Enter a name, select the store or stores and assign the Start/End dates/times for this discount

    • Select the Product or assign it to a product group

    • Select the Discount type for example Precentage off and enter the value. There are other options available such as New Price, 2 for 1 or 3 for 2.



    4. End of day to record denominations

  • You can use the End of Day tab to record denominations for each currency



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